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Benefits of Heating System Replacement

Whether you need a new heat pump, to fix your current pump, or need a Planned Maintenance for the winter, Mills Heating and Air can make that a reality. As we turn off the cool, it won’t be long until we need warm air circulating our homes. Winters in the south can be unpredictable, so being proactive with your heat pump can get you ready for anything. Our Carrier heat pumps are equipped with the most modern, quality machinery to keep your home warm throughout the winter, and for winters to come. We are your local choice for heating system replacement.

Installing a New Heat Pump – Heating System Replacement

Worried that your heat pump is getting too old? Mills Heating and Air can provide you with professional, trusted technicians to give you a free in-home quote for a new heat pump. We never want you to be cold in your own home! Are you debating on whether to install a cooling and heating system versus a heat pump? Both systems can benefit your home, but Mills wants to help you choose the best fit for your budget and house style, as well as the system that will help solve any existing issues you have.

Here are a few features that heating system replacement with a new heat pump will offer:

  • Heat Pumps do not involve gas. They run purely on electricity, so the chances of a toxic gas leak are eliminated.
  • Reduced noise levels are a common bonus feature of heat pumps. They are noticeably quieter than other types of systems and it is always one of our customers’ favorite characteristics of their new heat pump.
  • In addition to not using gas, they are significantly more efficient than other systems using less electricity to produce the same amount of heat desired. They produce less greenhouse gases and save you money on your monthly power bills.
  • Despite its name, a heat pump produces both warm and also cool air. This all-in-one system saves you space and money from buying separate systems.
  • Less maintenance is required on new heat pumps. We take note on which types of systems constantly need service, and heat pumps are most definitely our least-common call. We are always happy to come fix your issues, but we are even happier when you get through the seasons service-free!
  • Heat pumps are available in ductless form for houses without ductwork. These systems are called mini-split systems and can also be installed quickly and at a lower cost.

What are my Heating System Replacement Options?

At Mills we install Carrier HVAC and heat pump systems. Carrier is a trusted HVAC brand that we have been installing for our customer for years. When choosing a Carrier heat pump, you should look for comfortability, humidity control, temperature regulation, energy efficiency, and reduced noise levels. Mills Heating and Air can install a variety of types:

  • Infinity System: This system is energy efficient, quiet, and has premium humidity and temperature control.
  • Performance Series: This system has superior humidity and temperature control, is energy efficient, and operates at minimal noise.
  • Comfort Series: This system has less bonus features but is budget friendly and works under simple operation to keep your home warm.

Heat Pump Repairs

Looking for a repair instead of a replacement? Mills Heating and Air has begun working on heating systems as the cooler weather rolls around. Our technicians are skilled at diagnosing and repairing all types of heat pumps or HVAC systems. We carry parts on our truck to try to keep your service visits to a minimum! Call our office today to get pricing details and schedule service on your heat pump! Don’t let your system work on broken parts; repairing worn down parts allows your heat pump to work more efficiently!

Mills’ Planned Maintenance

If you don’t need a service or a replacement, and you still want to ensure your system is ready for the season, Mills offers a Planned Maintenance program to service your heat pump before each season. Our Planned Maintenance not only cleans your system and checks for any issues, but also gives you deals and savings. Call us today to set up your plan and schedule your first appointment. Being proactive is the most efficient and smart way to keep your system in tip-top shape!