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Ideal Thermostat setting for Florida Winters

Thankfully Florida winters are milder than most, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t concern yourself with it. On occasion, the temperatures can dip lower than expected, and knowing the ideal thermostat settings is a must if you want to save money during the winter months.

A one-degree difference on your thermostat can translate into a 3 to 5% difference on your energy bill. By maintaining a steady lower temperature, you reduce heat loss in your home and waste less energy. Anytime you set the thermostat higher doesn’t mean that the system delivers heat faster; it just means that it will run much longer. After several months of your Home Comfort System running like this, the consumption can add up.

So, what is the ideal temperature? Each person is different when it comes to their perfect temperature, but many industry experts find that running your Home Comfort System at about 68 to 70 degrees is ideal for the daytime. In the evening, you can drop it by a few degrees while everyone is in bed. This range will provide you with the best home comfort while giving you the highest energy efficiency.

You can also improve your energy savings this winter by doing a few things around the house.

Consider adding insulation where needed. Many older homes do not have as much insulation as they should. Use ceiling fans by reversing the direction of your fan. This pulls the warmer air that has risen to the ceiling back down into the room. Replace your air filter frequently with a clean air filter. This improves the airflow through your system and helps it work more efficiently. Use a programmable thermostat. This can help you regulate the temperature in your home more effectively and takes the guesswork out of balancing the need for home comfort with wanted energy savings.

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