The UV Light Grows Up

Back in the day, UV lights, or “black lights” were ubiquitous at parties because of the way they made textiles and clothing, particularly white shirts, fluoresce brightly. These lights primarily produce light in the UV portion of the spectrum, but they also produce a slight violet glow. Special posters or other works of art are often created with the express purpose of fluorescing a certain way under a black light.
The UV light has many other applications outside of the party scene. Common fluorescent lamps are powered by UV light. UV light is produced by ionizing low-pressure mercury vapor. Fluorescent lights are more energy-efficient than conventional light bulbs.
Zoologists are quite fond of UV light as it helps them study animals at night. Certain birds, reptiles, and insects are clearly visible under UV light. This is very helpful because many animals are highly nocturnal and rarely if ever seen during the day.
Besides the above-mentioned applications, UV lamps are known to sterilize micro-organisms that pass through it, including germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold; so microorganisms, after treated with this light, can no longer reproduce and grow. Combining a UV lamp in your home’s ductwork, with a HEPA filter, will trap particles in the filter so they can be treated with UV light for an effective amount of time. This helps destroy microorganisms in your home that cause disease.
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