Is Your HVAC System Starting and Stopping All the Time?

Is your heat pump constantly turning on and off? A properly working heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system is essential when dealing with the colder temperatures during the winter months. Starting and stopping, or “short cycling” is a common problem homeowners experience with their heat pumps. The constant on and off of your heating equipment prevents your home from warming up and damages your unit.

If you are experiencing short cycling problems with your HVAC system, contact Mills Heating & Air to schedule an HVAC repair. Our NATE-certified technicians are trained and knowledgeable on every heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system and will inspect and diagnose your current problem quickly. Below are the most common reasons your heat pump is short cycling.

Incorrectly Sized HVAC System

A short cycling heat pump occurs when the unit isn’t correctly sized before installation. If the system is too large for the home it will use more energy to heat a space and not effectively distribute warm air throughout your home. You will experience uneven temperatures, which forces your heat pump to start and repeatedly stop to compensate for the varying temperatures.  

The best remedy is to ensure proper sizing and installation of your new equipment. Our technicians are licensed and know exactly how to size your home for a new HVAC unit. If your system was installed by someone else and was incorrectly sized, we can still help. Call Mills Heating & Air for an HVAC repair, and we will determine the best options to stop your heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system from short cycling and to boost your system’s efficiency.

Overheating HVAC System

A heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system with restricted airflow will overheat, also causing it to short cycle. When the airflow is obstructed or compromised your heat pump won’t be able to distribute even temperatures throughout your home. Your thermostat will give false readings to your HVAC system, forcing it to repeatedly turn on and off to provide ideal temperatures for you and your family.  

Obstructions can be blocked, damaged or bent ductwork. A dirty air filter will also restrict airflow and cause the unit to overheat and short cycle repeatedly to prevent damage to the components. The hot air in the heat pump becomes trapped, becoming a potential fire hazard every time the unit overheats. Contact Mills Heating & Air immediately if you suspect your unit is short cycling because of an overheating issue.

A heat pump overheating could experience cracks and leak carbon monoxide. Ensure your carbon monoxide detectors are working properly to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning to your family. A thorough inspection of your heat pump by a qualified professional is the safest choice if you suspect a carbon monoxide leak in your home. Mills Heating & Air offers a preventative maintenance plan to routinely check your system for obstructions and leaks to keep your system healthy and your family safe.

Thermostat Malfunction

Your thermostat may also be the reason your heat pump is constantly starting and stopping. When your thermostat malfunctions or provides faulty readings to your heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system, the result is a short cycling heat pump. Your thermostat tells your heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system when to kick on and off to maintain or achieve set temperatures you have programmed.

A short cycling heat pump will break down more often, especially during the coldest times of winter. If your thermostat isn’t placed in an ideal location, the readings will negatively impact your heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system’s operation and performance. The best solution is to have a professional check your thermostat location and daily operation. If the thermostat is located in a place where the readings are faulty, an HVAC expert will move it to a more desirable location. Our NATE-certified experts will reinstall your thermostat quickly so you will experience warm and even temperatures during the colder months.

Take control of your heat pump, cooling system or HVAC system by scheduling an HVAC repair with Mills Heating & Air. We will inspect and diagnose the reason for your short cycling heat pump quickly, so you can just enjoy warm temperatures and flawless performance from your HVAC system. Call us today!

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