Can Cleaning Your Home Reduce Energy Bills?

Spring cleaning is right around the corner and dreaded for most families. Keep in mind, though, proper cleaning of your home can reduce energy bills and extend the life of your heating and cooling system. As the weather warms up, your cooling system needs to be operating at its highest efficiency to combat the spikes in temperature and keep you cool indoors. Will you have extremely hot and humid temperatures or milder weather this year? You won’t know until you are in the middle of the season, which is why you need to prepare for both options to keep your home comfortable this spring and summer.

Fluctuating temperatures at the start of spring put stress on your heating and cooling system without you realizing it. Your comfort indoors is directly related to the performance of your HVAC system. These top 5 cleaning tips for your heating and cooling system will prevent expensive breakdowns in the future so you can relax and enjoy your summer.

#1 – Schedule Preventative Maintenance

The easiest way to reduce energy bills is to schedule preventative maintenance with a licensed heating and cooling professional. Maintenance is spring cleaning for your heating and cooling system. It eliminates dust, debris and other materials affecting the operation of your equipment. Dust and debris are brought from outside air and circulated through your system. The filter traps the particulates to keep your indoor air quality healthy, but the debris remains, covering your interior components.

Mills Heating & Air offers a preventative maintenance plan to clean your system and boost its efficiency year round. We hire only the best technicians certified by the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) program. Our technicians are vetted and trained to handle any heating and cooling system on the market. We deliver excellent service and reduce energy bills with our preventative maintenance plan. For lower bills call Mills!

#2 – Clean Air Ducts

Vacuuming around the vents, registers and return ducts of your heating and cooling system will reduce excess dust particles from clogging up your ductwork. Schedule an HVAC repair to have your ducts cleaned by a professional before the seasons change to ensure you have adequate airflow throughout your system. Regular cleaning of your ducts will determine if you have any air leaks, which an HVAC expert will seal to prevent energy waste once your air conditioner starts operating more frequently.

Remove anything obstructing proper airflow from your vents, such as rugs or furniture. Improving your airflow will reduce energy bills and allow your system to perform more efficiently when it doesn’t have to fight against blocked air ducts. Restricted airflow causes your unit to work harder to distribute even temperatures throughout your home and adds more wear and tear than is necessary for your equipment.

#3 – Air Filter Replacement

Changing your air filter is the easiest way to reduce energy bills in your home. The air filter is your first line of defense against dust, dirt and debris from outside and indoor air. A clogged filter restricts the airflow from your unit to the air ducts, resulting in temperatures inconsistent throughout your home. After a long winter, change your air filter so your air conditioner will operate more efficiently and not compromise the health of your equipment.  

#4 – Outdoor Unit

Over the course of a season, your outdoor unit experiences several performance-impacting challenges. Cleaning your outdoor unit before the start of spring will remove dirt, debris, pest droppings and other materials restricting airflow around the unit. A heating and cooling professional will clean your outdoor unit’s mechanicals and inspect it for any damage from storms or rodents during the winter. If you have damaged wiring or electrical connections, your system will perform inefficiently and be a safety hazard for your home.

#5 – Clean Your Coils

Along with clearing away debris from your outdoor unit, clean the outdoor coils as well. The coils are important to the daily transfer of heat from inside your home to outside. This process causes your coils to collect debris, pollen and vegetation, which affects the performance of your outdoor unit. The more buildup on your coils, the more stress on your equipment while it’s operating. Call Mills Heating & Air and have our NATE-certified technicians clean your coils before the sweltering heat hits.

Reduce energy bills in your home with preventative maintenance and other spring cleaning on your HVAC system. Schedule maintenance with Mills Heating & Air and let our experienced technicians handle the deep cleaning of your heating and cooling system!

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