Invest And Save With Wi-Fi Thermostats

It’s time to take control of your home’s climate control and reduce your electric bill at the same time. Your thermostat is your main source of communication between your ideal temperature settings and your HVAC system. A dated thermostat, such as an analog thermostat, is costing you money in energy usage and repairs on your heating and cooling unit. Installing a Wi-fi thermostat in your home offers several benefits throughout the year. Call Mills Heating & Air to determine the best thermostat for your current heating and cooling system.  

Increased Energy Savings

Heating and cooling systems account for most of the energy used in your home. Pairing the best thermostat with your current HVAC unit will decrease your energy consumption and lower your monthly energy bills. Installation of a Wi-Fi thermostat is quick and easy when performed by a qualified HVAC technician. 

Wi-Fi thermostats are electronic devices offering efficient climate control through easy access to your heating and cooling system. They deliver precise readings to your equipment for optimum performance regardless of the weather outside. These are perfect for any home and can be used year-round. You can program settings based on your schedule, such as when you are at work, sleeping and even on vacation. Managing when your system operates allows for less energy use and increases the amount you save every month on your energy bill.  

Additional Benefits of a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Controlling your home’s temperature even when you aren’t at home isn’t the only benefit you receive by installing a Wi-Fi thermostat in your home. You will also experience:

    • Wi-Fi Monitoring:
      Newer thermostats allow you to monitor and manage your heating and cooling settings from any Wi-Fi enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Many thermostats offer mobile applications, making remote operation easy and functional every day. Access via Wi-Fi means you will also know what is going on with your home’s temperature settings and achieve the best energy use no matter where you are.


    • Reduce Human Error:
      A  Wi-Fi thermostat provides enhanced control of your heating and cooling settings and reduces the chance for human error when you forget to turn the temperature up or down. Because it’s connected to Wi-Fi, you can adjust it after going upstairs to bed or when you are away from home. Certain thermostats can even monitor humidity levels and alerting you to adjust whole home humidifiers installed to work with your HVAC system, leading to the perfect humidity level in your home at all times.


    • Better Accuracy:
      A Wi-Fi thermostat can notify you when the temperature has increased because of a large number of people occupying a space. Increased accuracy is a major benefit, especially when the temperatures start to fluctuate outside. You can pair multiple thermostats to control different zones in your home and improve your energy consumption more. Each thermostat operates independently over each zone and communicates with a central thermostat connected to your HVAC system. Zoned thermostats operate the airflow to each zone without affecting the temperature in other areas of your home.


    • Detailed Reports:
      Wi-Fi thermostats can keep a detailed record of your energy usage and emails you the report, so you are aware of how much energy you expend on a daily/monthly basis. It may also reveal patterns helping you to save energy by altering your settings without sacrificing your comfort while at home. Advanced thermostats will alert you when it’s time for maintenance on your HVAC system and when the filter needs to be replaced. You can even be alerted when there is a problem with your heating and cooling system, so you can schedule an HVAC repair with Mills Heating & Air before the problem escalates.


It’s time to boost your heating and cooling system’s efficiency by installing a new, Wi-Fi thermostat! Schedule your new programmable thermostat installation with Mills Heating & Air. Our NATE-certified professionals will install your new thermostat quickly so you can experience comfortable and even temperatures throughout your home. For lower bills, call Mills!

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