Ventilation and Air Flow Problems Identified

Your heating and cooling system rely on proper air flow to deliver comfortable temperatures to every room in your house. When you have low airflow, your system works harder to compensate for uneven temperatures. This adds unnecessary stress to your equipment and speeds increases the wear and tear of your components. Several factors can cause poor ventilation in your home and the best option for boosting the airflow in your home is to schedule an HVAC repair with Mills Heating & Air. We will inspect your system and diagnose the problem quickly. Below are a few options possibly affecting the airflow in your home.

Dirty Filters

A dirty air filter is the simplest explanation why you have low airflow in your home. An air filter works to trap and eliminate dust particles, pollen and other debris to prevent it from entering your home. As the filter traps particulates, it becomes clogged and reduces the airflow from your heating and cooling system to your ductwork.  

Clogged or Damaged Ductwork

The ductwork running throughout your home is designed to deliver warm or cool air to every area of your home. When the ductwork is clogged or obstructed, your ventilation is reduced to different rooms. Rodents and other pests can even hide inside your ductwork and leave behind droppings, hair and nesting debris, causing blockages in your ductwork. The heating and cooling system has nowhere to distribute air, so the air comes back into the unit and causes it to overheat.

Obstructions can cause ducts to bend, fold, and break when the clog gets bigger. Damaged ductwork wastes energy circulating air around the damaged areas and anything blocking the airflow in your vents. Schedule regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system to ensure your ductwork is clear of obstructions and replace any damaged sections. Mills Heating & Air offers air duct cleaning to eliminate clogs in your ductwork.

Air Leaks

Air leaks are common in damaged ductwork and they prevent your HVAC system from delivering accurate temperatures in your home. Energy loss results from air leaks and costs you more money every month. The air leaks interfere with the airflow designed for your current heating and cooling system, forcing the unit to work harder to compensate for the missing air.

Contact Mills Heating & Air to inspect your ductwork before you try anything complex on your own. Ducts can be hard to access and a trained professional has the tools needed to locate and seal leaks in your home. Our NATE-certified technicians will assess your current ducts, find the leaks and quickly repair or replace the damaged ductwork.

Lack of Vents and Returns

The average home has vents and air returns in every room, except for the kitchen and bathrooms – these areas should have exhaust vents to eliminate moisture and odors. When a home doesn’t have enough vents and returns, the result is low airflow to different areas of your home. The best option is to call Mills Heating & Air to schedule an estimate for increasing vents and returns. We will provide you with options affordable for your budget and increase the ventilation in your home without compromising the performance of your current heating and cooling system.

Stop low airflow in your home by inspecting your ductwork and increasing the ventilation throughout your home. Call Mills Heating & Air to schedule preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling system and improve your indoor air quality!

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