Don’t Ignore HVAC Repair

Take steps to protect your family and budget

Tune up the air conditioner? Repair your heat pump? What a chore! It doesn’t have to be when you have an HVAC contractor you trust. For Florida residents in Okaloosa, Bay, Walton and Santa Rosa counties, call Mills Heating and Air for quick, comprehensive service. Taking care now is an easy way to reduce the chance of an expensive HVAC repair or breakdown. Don’t put off making this appointment!

Steps to Take Today to Prevent HVAC Repair Needs

  1. Check your air filter. If necessary, change it or clean it. This is the quickest and easiest way to improve the function and efficiency of your HVAC system.
  2. Upgrade your thermostat. If you still have a manual dial model, consider a programmable thermostat. There are several options. Be sure to consult with a trusted and licensed HVAC contractor like Mills Heating and Air. They can advise you on the model best suited to your cooling system. Mills’ HVAC technicians will install it and teach you how to get the most use of it.
  3. Clear away clutter. Outdoors, make sure leaves and other yard clutter are not an obstruction. Your outdoor cooling unit needs good airflow and any vegetation should be kept two to three feet away. Indoors, move furniture, toys or other items away from vents.
  4. Do not close vents or keep doors shut in unused rooms. Closing off these areas does not save money. It’s a myth. Closing off rooms or vents disrupts the pressure and temperature balance in the house. This causes your air conditioner to work harder. Eventually, this may cause it to suffer overuse.
  5. Schedule regular service visits twice a year. For the most convenience, invest in a service plan with a quality HVAC contractor like Mills Heating and Air in northwest Florida.

Avoid HVAC Repair with Preventative Maintenance Plans

There are many positives in using preventative maintenance plans. These benefits include greater efficiency, lower bills and more reliable service. When your licensed HVAC contractor sends a technician, he or she will inspect your HVAC from top to bottom.

In addition to cleaning, testing and lubricating components, your HVAC technician will look for signs of excess wear and tear. These signs indicate a possible malfunction or a misuse of the equipment. Catching these situations early can prevent an unnecessary expense.

Ignore HVAC Repair and Risk a Breakdown

This careful inspection will reveal most red flags before an HVAC repair is needed, or worst case, a full breakdown. If your service technician recommends a repair – please don’t put it off. The longer you do, the more likely a breakdown becomes.

At Mills Heating and Air, we care about your comfort and safety. Our Florida heat can sometimes present a real threat, so please take the necessary precautions to avoid it.

Trust Mills Heating and Air with HVAC Repairs for All Manufacturers

Mills Heating and Air has served customers for more than 30 years in northwestern Florida with air conditioner service, repair and installation needs. Concerned about indoor air quality? We can help there too!

If you’re in the Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Bay or Walton county area – we are just a phone call away. We’re happy to send a technician to address any HVAC repair concerns you may have.

Ask for one of our Comfort Consultants if you suspect your AC unit needs an upgrade or replacement. He or she will listen to your needs, perform the calculations and provide recommendations for review. Our Comfort Consultants can provide estimates on additional equipment needs like dehumidifiers, air purifiers and more.

Need to replace or upgrade and are concerned about finances? Don’t be – Mills Heating and Air offers multiple financing options. Not ready to replace? Mills can service and repair any brand. Contact Mills Heating & Air to discuss air conditioner and indoor air quality options. For lower bills, call Mills!

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