Attic Ventilation Can Reduce Wear and Tear on an HVAC System

Properly-ventilated attics provide cooler homes in the summer and early fall and lessen strain on your HVAC system. When proper ventilation is not in place, your HVAC system runs longer and harder. It’s fair to assume your energy bills are higher as a result. Your system usually needs more maintenance and even replaced under these conditions.

How Does Attic Ventilation Help Your HVAC System?

An HVAC system depends on effective air circulation. When an attic is properly ventilated, the air circulates well. Without good ventilation, the hot air is trapped within the home.

Your air conditioner attempts to keep pace with the overall heat in the home. It’s best to vent the excess hot air. This partially alleviates the burden on your heating and cooling system.

A ventilated attic reduces the temperature difference between the rest of your home and the attic. This creates greater efficiency for your air conditioner and HVAC system. Greater efficiency translates into lower energy costs, more comfort and less wear and tear on your HVAC system.

Why Is Wear and Tear on Your HVAC System Important?

Think of wear and tear on your HVAC system as miles on your car. Recall how city driving is regarded differently than highway miles. City driving, with its inconsistent speeds and stops and starts, puts your car through more stress.

By contrast, highway driving at a consistent speed does not impact the car’s system as much. Your HVAC system is similar. More wear and tear takes months or years off its lifespan.

Second, wear and tear creates a stronger likelihood of parts wearing out or needing maintenance more often. Finally, it increases the chances of an expensive repair or worst case, a complete breakdown.

How Can Floridians Reduce HVAC System Wear and Tear?

Our goal for your system is for it to operate as designed and to eliminate obstructions to the goal. The best method is regular maintenance. When our licensed and industry-certified technicians visit, they perform a comprehensive inspection of your heating and air system.

He or she will clean, lubricate and test all relevant components. This helps your HVAC perform as well as it can mechanically. If there are circumstances which prevent your HVAC from optimal efficiency, our technician will note it and review different options with you.

If a repair or usage change is identified, our technician will work with you to find the best possible solution

Trust Mills Heating & Air to Keep Your HVAC System in Top Shape

Mills Heating & Air has served customers for more than 30 years in northwestern Florida with HVAC system service, repair and installation needs.

For the greatest convenience, we offer a maintenance agreement. This helps customers in the Okaloosa, Bay, Walton or Santa Rosa area with preventative service needs which offer convenience and the best value. If you have concerns about your indoor air quality – we can help there too!

Whenever your HVAC system needs an upgrade or replacement, one of our Comfort Consultants will address your needs and provide options. Our Comfort Consultants provide estimates on additional equipment needs such as dehumidifiers, air purifiers and more.

Concerned about finances? Don’t be – Mills Heating & Air offers multiple financing options. Not ready to replace? Mills can service and repair any brand. Contact Mills Heating & Air to discuss HVAC needs of all kinds. For lower bills, call Mills!

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