Leave the Spring Cleaning of Your Home’s HVAC System to the Pros

Before you pack up your winter clothes and prepare for warm spring weather, consider the steps you need for your HVAC spring cleaning. Properly maintaining your heating and cooling system will lengthen its lifespan and provide you with lower energy bills during the hottest times of the season.

Our NATE-certified technicians will inspect and clean your equipment, so you don’t suffer surprise breakdowns. We will repair or replace damaged components, keeping the cost of HVAC repairs manageable for your wallet. Read on for suggestions of what you can do before your maintenance appointment and what to expect from our professionals at Mills Heating & Air.

Preparing for HVAC Spring Cleaning

You can prepare for routine HVAC spring cleaning by taking the time perform a few simple tasks. These chores will help your heating and cooling technician before deep cleaning your equipment and inspecting it for damage before the weather changes. These include:

  • Change the air filters: Clean filters trap and eliminate dust and other particles from spreading throughout your home. They keep your indoor air healthy while maintaining your heating and cooling system’s efficiency. Air filters can vary so change it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The recommendations will provide direction on the frequency of filter replacement or if your specific air filter requires cleaning instead of changing it. If you can’t remember when the air filter was last changed, change it now to ensure consistent temperatures and smooth operation of your HVAC system. If monthly is appropriate for you, you may find it a helpful reminder to change it whenever your utility bill arrives.
  • Turn on the air conditioner: Before you schedule preventative maintenance on your HVAC system, turn the air conditioning unit on for a test run. This allows you to listen for any weird noises or notice any issues while the system operates. You can let your Mills Heating & Air technician know if there are any concerns once he or she arrives to service your unit.
  • Clean the outdoor unit: You can sweep away any leaves, branches, dirt and other debris cluttering the outdoor unit before maintenance from a licensed professional. Inspect the landscaping around the outdoor unit as well and make sure nothing is interfering with the airflow around your equipment. Gently rinse your air conditioner’s condenser coils with a garden hose if you notice dirt or debris covering them. Look for damage from hail or a rock thrown from a lawnmower.

When to Leave HVAC Spring Cleaning to the Pros

After completing the above tasks, it’s time to call the heating and cooling experts at Mills Heating & Air! Two things our professionals will do to for your HVAC spring cleaning include:

  • Preventative maintenance: Routine maintenance includes an inspection of your HVAC system to diagnose any potential problems throughout the season. Maintenance keeps your unit running efficiently even when temperatures spike during the summer. Wear and tear on your components is decreased when the system is cleaned on a regular basis. Problems are caught early to prevent expensive and unexpected repairs in the future. Our technicians will clean the evaporator coil, check the refrigerant levels, clean and inspect the fins and test all electrical components.
  • Duct inspections and cleaning: Schedule to have your ductwork inspected and cleaned as part of your HVAC spring cleaning. Ducts can develop air leaks during the winter, resulting in your home feeling humid and dusty when the temperatures increase. Energy is also lost when you have leaks in your ductwork, so repairing or replacing the damaged area is essential to keeping your energy bill low. Contact Mills Heating & Air to have our technicians perform routine duct cleaning and inspection of your ductwork now. For lower bills call Mills.


Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule preventative maintenance on your heating and cooling system. Contact Mills Heating & Air today to get a head start on your HVAC spring cleaning and beat the rush!

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