How HVAC Repair Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bill this Winter

Whether you use a heat pump, a furnace or an air conditioner during the Florida winter, HVAC repair can help you spend less on utilities. It can also save you money in other ways. How? Let’s review.  

HVAC Repair Increases Efficiency

All HVAC equipment loses efficiency as it ages. The best way to keep it operating as closely to brand new is to faithfully maintain it and perform HVAC repair as needed. During regular maintenance, for example, a technician performs an inspection from top to bottom.

This identifies any areas of concern. The technician also cleans, lubricates and tests all relevant components. This process detects any worn parts or belts, as well as areas suffering from an unusual amount of wear and tear.

The cause of this excessive wear and tear may be usage or circumstantial. It may also be due to an underlying problem which needs an HVAC repair.

It’s Better to Perform HVAC Repair Sooner

In most cases of any mechanical equipment, an ignored problem becomes worse. Imagine you notice what you suspect may be rodent activity around your home or exterior HVAC equipment in late summer. It’s perfectly understandable if this slips your mind.

If rodents get inside and nest in your HVAC system, however, it won’t be forgettable much longer. Rodents, other small animals and yes, snakes, gravitate toward sources of warmth as the days become cooler.

Once they’ve taken up residence, they like to chew on electrical wires and other components. One mouse can deliver as many as 10 litters each year. With an average of seven pups per litter, that’s a lot of mice in a short amount of time.

Another risk in HVAC repair delay is a buildup of debris. As Floridians, we are quite familiar with humidity. If condensation occurs within the debris, your system is at greater risk for mold development. This quickly becomes an air quality problem as well as a risk for parts damage.  

Mills Heating & Air is Your Quality HVAC Contractor

Home and business owners have relied on Mills Heating & Air for more than 30 years in the Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Bay or Walton county area. If you need an HVAC contractor in northwestern Florida for HVAC repair, service and installation needs, call us! We are also experts in indoor air quality!

Mills Heating & Air offers multiple financing options to keep budgets intact. When you spread out the initial cost, it allows you to enjoy better comfort and efficiency right away. Not ready to replace? Mills can repair and maintain any brand.

Contact Mills Heating & Air to discuss HVAC repair and indoor air quality options. For lower bills, call Mills!

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