Proper HVAC Installation in Your Home Matters

It’s tempting when investing in new HVAC installation to hire a friend of a friend or relative to do the job. Unfortunately, a positive outcome may be the exception more than the rule. Why? Let’s review the reasons why professional HVAC installation is important.  

HVAC Installation Starts with Accurate Measurements

If an HVAC system is too small, it can lead to problems like uneven temperatures in different areas of a home. A larger than necessary unit suffers from frequent stops and starts, or what’s known as “short-cycling.”

Either situation leads to discomfort or erratic spikes in energy bills. Improperly-sized HVAC installation also causes a system to overwork, which shortens its lifespan.

No one wants to replace a heating and cooling unit prematurely, so it’s best to get professional HVAC installation.

HVAC Installation Involves Ductwork Installation Too

An HVAC installer undergoes hundreds of hours of training and is licensed. This allows him or her to stay current with emerging technologies as well as all the components involved. HVAC installation involves more than plugging it in like a toaster.

An air conditioner, heat pump or furnace must be connected to a home’s ductwork and aligned with the thermostat. It’s a bit of a symphony and the installer is the conductor. Your system won’t perform as designed unless all the parts work together.

Ductwork is particularly important because it must be air-tight and clean. If there are leaks, you’ll lose energy. Poor ductwork also contributes to uneven temperatures.

A professionally-trained HVAC installer knows how to spot problems and fix them to improve your heating and cooling efficiency, safety and comfort.

Amateur HVAC Installation Risks Your Warranty

When you think “home appliance,” you probably think of your refrigerator or dishwasher. Your heating and cooling system is a home appliance, too. It’s probably the most expensive one in your house. Plus, it’s integral to your daily comfort and safety.

Most warranties on heating and air equipment depend on HVAC installation by an authorized dealer. Even if your neighbor or brother-in-law installs it perfectly, it may not be covered in the event of a future malfunction.

Don’t risk your warranty to save a few bucks. If you have to replace the system out of pocket early it will cost much more.

For Professional HVAC Installation Call Mills

Mills Heating & Air in the Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Bay or Walton county area, has served homes and businesses for more than 30 years. If you need an HVAC contractor in northwestern Florida for HVAC installation needs, call us! We are also experts in heating and cooling maintenance and repair as well as indoor air quality!

If expenses are a concern, Mills Heating & Air offers multiple financing options to keep budgets intact. When you spread out payments, it allows you to enjoy better comfort and efficiency right away. Not ready to upgrade? Mills can repair and maintain any brand.

Contact Mills Heating & Air to discuss air conditioner and indoor air quality options. For lower bills, call Mills!

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