A Guide to Heating and Air System Warranties and Guarantees

Your heating and air system represents one of the most significant investments you’ll make in your home. In addition to the initial cost of a new HVAC system, future repairs and maintenance easily become significant over the service life of your system.

In addition, the proper function of your heating and air system has a significant effect on your comfort, of course!

Consider the amount of money you’ll put into your heating and air system during the time you own it. Now add the role it plays in your quality of life. You want to make sure you’re an informed consumer!

An important part of this is to understand the features and differences of heating and air warranties and guarantees.

How are heating and air warranties and guarantees different?

When you purchase a new heating and air system, your contractor is likely to offer you options for warranties and/or guarantees. Do these offer the same benefits?

No, and you don’t want to be surprised later to discover a repair you thought would be covered actually isn’t. Let’s take a closer look at each.

What does a common heating and air warranty cover?

A warranty is a contract between you as the buyer and the manufacturer. Under this written contract, the manufacturer is obligated to repair any faulty or damaged equipment.

Although a warranty may be included with your purchase, some supplemental or extended warranties come with an additional charge. Think of these warranties as insurance for your heating and air system. When you pay upfront for a potential future repair need, the savings can be significant.

If you choose to buy a warranty, ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your purchase. The period of coverage, work covered, and pricing can vary significantly.

Also, take time to understand what actions can void your warranty. These may include do-it-yourself repairs. Your warranty may require service by a factory-authorized contractor. Failure to follow a maintenance schedule, or use of off-brand parts are also some potential missteps which can void your warranty.

Even an honest mistake can get you into trouble, so make sure you understand and avoid a potentially expensive error!

What does a typical heating and air guarantee include?

At the time you buy a new heating and air system, you may be offered a guarantee by the manufacturer, your contractor, or both. Think of the guarantee as a pledge your unit will function as you expect when it is turned on for the first time.

A manufacturer’s guarantee will cover equipment, while a contractor’s guarantee will cover installation. Although a guarantee is a less formal arrangement than a warranty, you may need to register your purchase within a certain time frame after installation to activate it.

As with a warranty, review the terms and conditions carefully to understand what benefits a guarantee entitles you to receive. Ask as many questions as you need, to ensure you understand your benefits so you get the most out of your heating and air system!

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