Does Your Central Heating and Air Use a Heat Pump

In Florida, milder winters mean less of a need for heavy-duty home heating. Your central heating and air system may only need a little bit of extra warmth first thing in the morning to knock down the chill, before the sun warms things up.

A heat pump can be a great option for increased energy efficiency and easy, affordable operation. Want to know more about how a heat pump can work with your central heating and air? Read on.

How does a heat pump work with your central heating and air?

Think of a heat pump as a device to move warm air to wherever it needs to go. Even cool air contains heat energy, which your heat pump can extract and channel into your home.

Because it doesn’t apply heat to the air it circulates, a heat pump operates with much lower energy consumption than a traditional gas or electric heating system. This means your utility bills will be much lower!

So a heat pump doesn’t generate heat…and it can be used to cool?

Yes! Although the name might make you think a heat pump is all about heat, this isn’t the case. The function of a heat pump is actually more like an air conditioner. In warm weather, it will pump heat from your home to the outdoors. Reverse the process in cooler weather.

Recognize if you have a heat pump in your central heating and air system

Uncertain whether your home uses a standard central air conditioner or a heat pump? Both are made up of indoor and outdoor components, and they may appear similar to the untrained eye.

If your system circulates warm air inside your home without the use of natural gas or electricity, it’s a pretty good bet you’ve got a heat pump! You would also notice the exterior unit in operation as the heat circulates.

A quick online search for your model number will confirm whether you have a heat pump.

Keep comfortable with heat pump maintenance

Because your heat pump provides year-round comfort, it’s important to keep it at its best with regular maintenance. A trained professional can inspect and service your heat pump, so it will be ready to serve you whether the weather is warm or cool.

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