Is A Ductless Air Conditioner Right For Me?

Possibilities are Limitless with this Quiet and Efficient Cooling Solution

No more noisy, inefficient, clunky window air conditioning units! If you are unfamiliar with ductless air conditioner advances, this might be a bit of a bombshell. Installing a new ductless air conditioner, popular in Europe and Asia, is quickly gaining momentum in cities and towns throughout Florida.

This system, just like it sounds, requires no ductwork, allowing it to be installed in a variety of places within a home to amplify the cooling power of the existing system. If you live in an older home and want to modernize the air conditioning but the ductwork is expensive or inconvenient to access? No problem – install a ductless air conditioner.

Want to finish the garage for a Man Cave or enclose the patio for a cozy place to enjoy a drink and a good book? No problem – install a ductless air conditioner. Husband likes to smoke cigars while he and his friends play cards in his den? Without ductwork to circulate the smoke and odors throughout the house, the cigar smoke stays with the guys when you use a ductless air conditioner.  

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

Installation is quick and can be accomplished usually in one day. Disruption is minimal and the professional HVAC installer needs to only drill a small three-inch hole to connect the internal and external units with electrical and refrigerant lines. This alleviates many of the security concerns from older window units.

Most units are managed with remote controls, allowing you the ultimate flexibility. A reputable HVAC technician, like those from Mills Heating and Air, will thoroughly explain the installation process, how to operate the system and go over basic troubleshooting steps if necessary.

Energy Efficiency

Depending on the size and model, many ductless air conditioners have earned ENERGY STAR status. Some families who find themselves in a large home with underused rooms, find installing a ductless air conditioner in the master bedroom and one or two other frequently used spaces, provides more zone control.

By using the ductless units, the family can keep the main air conditioner at a higher temperature. This method is better on your HVAC system than shutting vents and doors to unused rooms. This good intention actually makes your HVAC system work harder to compensate for the imbalance in pressure and temperature.  

Mills Heating and Air has counseled customers in northwestern Florida counties such as Okaloosa, Santa Rosa, Bay and Walton since 1984 on various air conditioning service, repair and installation needs. Concerned about finances? Don’t be – Mills Heating and Air offers multiple financing options. By spreading out payments, you keep finances predictable while enjoying lower utility bills and increased comfort today.

Mills represents quality brands and can install a new air conditioner ready for the upcoming Florida summer. Not ready to replace? Mills can service and repair any brand. Contact Mills Heating & Air to discuss air conditioner and indoor air quality options! For Lower Bills – Call Mills!

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