How Does Daylight Saving Time Affect Your HVAC System?

Spring brings daylight saving time and extended hours to enjoy your daily activities. While setting your clocks forward, adjust your thermostat settings to reflect your waking hours. Your heating and cooling system will only operate as efficiently as your thermostat allows it and scheduling an inspection of your current unit will keep it effective. Mills Heating & Air is ready to spring into action and prep homeowners’ systems for daylight saving time operation.

Daylight Saving Time Thermostat Settings

In the spring when daylight saving time springs forward, you gain an extra hour. The extra hour means you may be awake longer and need to adjust your thermostat settings for the day. Just change your sleep setting to start an hour later and modify the sleeping temperature as needed. Your temperatures will remain constant during the hours you are awake and maintain cooler temperatures while you sleep.

To save energy, try raising or lowering the temperature a few degrees depending on whether you are heating or cooling your home. Adjusting the ideal temperature will give your system more breaks and reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC components. Check the batteries on your thermostat when you adjust your settings to ensure the thermostat continues to communicate with your heating and cooling system.

Signs You Need an HVAC Inspection

When spring arrives, schedule an HVAC inspection for your equipment. An inspection will determine if there are any problems with your unit and if so, provide solutions to fix the problem. If you notice any of these signs coming from your heating and cooling system, call Mills Heating & Air to schedule an inspection of your unit:

  • Uneven temperatures throughout your home can be caused by several issues. An inspection will diagnose the correct cause so the problem can be fixed quickly and affordably.
  • Increased energy bills every month are a sign your unit isn’t performing efficiently. Our NATE-certified professionals will inspect your system and boost your energy savings fast.
  • An HVAC inspection will determine if past problems are still an issue and provide solutions.
  • A heating and cooling system 15 years old or more requires more attention. Scheduling an inspection will prolong your unit’s life or determine if it’s time to purchase a new system.
  • Excessive dust in your air and on surfaces in your home point to either a dirty filter or obstructed ductwork. An inspection will clean your components and see if your airflow is restricted.
  • Loud rattling, popping or clunking noises heard while your system operates is a major warning sign something is wrong. Schedule an inspection with us immediately to avoid any safety hazards.
  • Constant trips to the breaker box because your HVAC system keeps blowing a fuse is best dealt with by an HVAC professional

Take the opportunity of daylight saving time to adjust your thermostat settings and schedule a routine inspection of your heating and cooling system. Contact Mills Heating & Air for service performed by the best. Our HVAC experts are NATE-certified, knowledgeable, skilled and ready to assist you with your heating and cooling needs this spring. Remember, for lower bills call Mills.

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