Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Threats Take No Vacations

What’s the status in your home?

It’s possible you’ve forgotten about this home necessity. If you don’t have functional carbon monoxide or smoke detectors, please take care of it now. Many homeowners mistakenly associate the dangers of carbon monoxide, especially, as more of a winter or northern climate issue, when people use fireplaces or the occasional space heater.

Please do not make this assumption. If you use natural or propane gas for your stove, oven, hot water heater or clothes dryer, you are at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

Other Warm Weather Carbon Monoxide Dangers

Do you know anyone who thought he or she would outsmart the rain and move the grill into the garage? Bad idea. Some grills are considered safe for indoor use. Most are not. Ignitable fuel sources power propane and charcoal grills, as well as smokers.

Even with the garage door open, consider the flammable items in your garage, such as cardboard, glues, motor oil, cleaning chemicals or leakage from a gas-powered mower. In addition, it’s possible for carbon monoxide to seep into your home from the garage through vents, under doors or through screen doors. Don’t risk it.

If you are a “snowbird” and spend the hottest Florida months elsewhere, do not store your propane gas grill in the garage. If there’s a leak from the tank it can cause an explosion. Imagine if it were placed next to a vehicle or a riding mower! Finally, children can innocently “play” with the knobs and create a hazardous situation. Always be aware.

Indoor Air Quality Fights Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

For the best protection, consult a trusted HVAC provider, like Mills Heating and Air for indoor air quality solutions. They can assist you with an air quality assessment. Their professional technicians can determine if you have enough carbon monoxide and smoke detectors and if they are up to date.

Mills Heating and Air technicians are available if you have any questions regarding the safety of your HVAC equipment or concerns about your indoor air quality. For reducing and even eliminating pollutants, such as pet dander, pollen and airborne bacteria particles, ask Mills about the Guardian line of air purifiers.

Risks of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless. People experiencing poisoning symptoms may experience a dull headache, weakness or dizziness, nausea or vomiting, confusion, shortness of breath, blurry vision or loss of consciousness.

Pets are also at risk. If you notice any of the symptoms in a pet, be concerned, especially if you have children in the home.

Best Carbon Monoxide Detector Locations

You may have heard CO detectors should be installed near the floor. It’s actually the opposite. Many standalone models need to be plugged into an outlet and are closer to the floor by default. In truth, CO is a bit lighter than air and disperses throughout a room evenly. It’s best to install a detector on the ceiling or high up on the wall. One should be located on each floor of a dwelling and outside of sleeping areas.

Do not install CO detectors within 15 feet of heating or cooking appliances. Also avoid installation in humid areas such as bathrooms. Most combustible appliances, such as cooking appliances emit a small amount of carbon monoxide when kicking on and could give you a false alarm.

Take Care of Your Safety

Mills Heating and Air is available to advise you on proper smoke and carbon monoxide detection and any air quality concerns. Mills also performs routine service on HVAC equipment including checks to verify safety as well as energy efficiency.

Since 1984, Mills Heating and Air has served customers in northwestern Florida with various HVAC service, repair and installation needs. Concerned about finances? Don’t be – Mills Heating and Air offers multiple financing options. By spreading out payments, you keep expenses predictable while enjoying increased comfort and lower utility bills today.

Mills can install new Carrier or Mitsubishi air conditioning units ready to take on the challenging Florida summer weather. Not ready to replace? Mills can service and repair any brand. Contact Mills Heating & Air to discuss air conditioner and indoor air quality options. For lower bills, call Mills!

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