Is Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer In Florida?

Leave the Heat at the Beach – Come Home to the Cool!

Residents in northwestern Florida counties like Okaloosa, Walton, Bay and Santa Rosa know air conditioning can be a year-round need. They know the truest test of a cooling system may be, is your air conditioner ready for summer in Florida? Our climate is generally pleasant – it’s why people want to vacation and live here. We do, however, definitely need our air conditioners ready when the humidity and temperature call for it. Here’s how…

Before Summer’s in Full Swing

Call to schedule a tune-up or annual maintenance visit from a trusted locally-owned and operated HVAC provider like Mills Heating and Air. Mills employs qualified and NATE-certified technicians to perform basic service including inspecting, testing, cleaning and lubricating all applicable air conditioning components.

Providing regular maintenance, ideally, twice a year, prepares your air conditioner or heat pump for the rigors of the upcoming weather. The easiest thing to do is subscribe to a preventative maintenance plan with a qualified HVAC provider.

Preventative maintenance takes the steps needed to keep your air conditioner ready for summer heat and as efficient as possible. Technicians look for excess wear and tear, minor issues which, untreated, could expand into expensive repairs or breakdowns later, preserve warranties and extend the life of your system.

Steps to Take Outdoors

When performing maintenance, HVAC technicians will inspect and care for exterior units as well as indoor. In the interim, you can help by landscaping carefully around them and periodically checking for debris and other obstructions to its airflow.

When landscaping, take care not to plant invasive vegetation too close to the unit. Greenery should remain between two to three feet from the unit. Surround the unit with gravel or grass, rather than mulch and refrain from mowing while the unit’s running.

Mulch can bounce up during a hard rain and grass clippings can get sucked into the unit, both clogging the system and impeding its efficiency. Keep the area tidy around your unit to keep your air conditioner ready for optimal airflow.

Increase Efficiency With Air Quality Bonus

Another go-to step is to check your filter every month and change or clean as necessary. Whether to replace or clean depends on your model. Unsure? Ask your HVAC technician. A clogged and dirty filter affects your indoor air quality as well as hindering the performance of your air conditioner.

An excessive amount of contaminants, such as dust, pollen, pet dander and pet hair hampers your air conditioning as well, because it reduces air flow while circulating pollutants throughout your ductwork.

Air Conditioner Ready for Replacement?

If your air conditioner struggles to perform efficiently, has been neglected or is more than 10 to 12 years old, maintenance or repairs may be exhausted. Newer air conditioners function at a greater energy efficiency, saving homeowners more money than those manufactured only a few years ago. Mills also installs ductless air conditioners for areas needing a cooling boost or where ductwork is complicated and expensive to install.

If expenses are a concern, Mills Heating and Air offers multiple financing options. By spreading out payments, you can achieve lower energy bills and greater comfort immediately.

Mills Heating and Air has counseled customers in northwest Florida since 1984 on various air conditioning needs. Mills represents quality brands and can install a new air conditioner ready for the upcoming Florida summer. Not ready to replace? Mills can service and repair any brand. Contact Mills Heating & Air to discuss your air conditioner options! 

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